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Monday, Jack, Maddox, and I trooped up to Doernbecher for Jack’s follow up after his recent ear tube surgery. Results are in…Normal hearing!  His test was the easiest it has ever been-he even went in the creepy sound proof room all by himself.   Of course I rewarded him with a cake pop. (Max too, since he didn’t cause too much destruction to the lobby) For some reason I had gotten myself all worked up about this surgery and the success or failure of it. It’s crazy how fear can take hold so quickly and so strongly. I’m so thankful Jack is hearing well; his speech work can continue to progress.  I’m also thankful for my Lord, my awesome hubby and my girl friends who know just how to bring me into a sense of calm during these seasons.

Oregon has been good to us–SUNSHINE clear into October–wonderful {and not so normal}!  We have enjoyed this as our schedule has returned to a new normal as well.  {Hurried morning bowls of cereal, quick kisses good bye at school, snuggly boys to read to or take walks with, and mounds  of school work to grade}  Inserted into the mundane was a visit from my sister-in-law Miwa and nephew Isamu. He and Max got to share a fun birthday complete with pinata–so cute {and crazy–we have 4 boy cousins, ages 1,2,3, and almost 4}.  THEN Our nephew Chandler visited us during Sept, so we were able to squeeze in one last summer-ish vaca.  to Sunriver. LOVE!

Thank you to all of you who prayed for Jack!  Now go drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte, admire the changing leaves,  and soak in this season!