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Convincing a 16 month old that the pantry isn’t a great hiding place for a sippy cup, filled with milk—considering the lack of fridgeration and all.  Drying off an adventurous 3 year old after his “shower” under the gutter spout.  Sorting out teeny tiny barbie shoes from dress up clothes and zoobles.  Action figures intermixed with clean laundry  silently begging to be folded.  A webinar at 10 AM to hone my teaching skills.  Poopy diaper.  I’ll look back someday and wish Batman was falling out of folded laundry and that soured milk is in my pantry….right?  Maybe not. At least I’ll wish that I have these rosy chubby cheeks to kiss and little voices calling “mommy!”  Reminding myself, Today is my someday.  Kissing some cheeks…and bellies….and toes.

Our mini-theologian, aka JACK PEREZ, is insistent as he learned more about the true meaning of Christmas, that we refer to baby Jesus as Baby God. Going as far as changing the words to songs, he’s serious about telling us that Jesus is God! As Allie crooned the words to “Happy Birthday Jesus, I’m so glad it’s Christmas,” Jack chimed in with his own version, “Happy Birthday baby Go–od.”  At the end of the day, he is right on. Jesus is God, and that is really what this Christmas is all about!  David and Goliath is another fav right now…especially the throwing rocks part.  Recently Jack has memorized a few verses as well. I’d say speech therapy is working. Jack meets with his new speech therapist once a week in our home.  Although assigned to us through our local school district, she did much of her training with Jack’s cleft team at Doernbecher. Coincedence?  I think not!

ALLIE crooned many other tunes this season as she participated in her first two Christmas programs via church and school.  It’s so strange to be the parents in the audience…weren’t we the ones just a bit ago standing in those choir lofts?  I’m not biased or anything, but our baby girl sure was fabulous in her sparkly Christmas dress from Papa, her dark hair flipped just so.  “Hark the Harold Angels Sing” was her favorite song of the season in addition to the dramatic bow that the choir did at the end of the program.

Baby MAX (in my totally honest opinion, is one super cute baby) has been taking steps for a few months when in response to our constant coercing.  This changed, however, this month as he decided walking was his best mode of transportation.  It’s so strange to see our little guy standing, carrying things around rather proudly.  This proud walking is quickly turning into more of a jogging action.  Max is a quick little guy that enjoys many mischievous moments (like jumping off stuff), keeping us on our toes!!

AP, along with continuing to be the best dad and hubs eva’, is also off galavanting in Vegas with Leatherman. Evidently launching new products is pretty important stuff.  He has had the awesome opportunity to become quite the photographer/videographer for them.  The photo ops have included local firefighters, swat guys, alligators and boars, and our cool friends….Amazing man. Enjoy some of his best photos below…our kiddos 🙂

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

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