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Perhaps it’s the fleeting hours spent with my aging grandparents–almost 92 and 97, or maybe the long hours of podcasting with my thinker husband, but this road trip has got me thinking.  As I sit passenger side, the  road seemed to unfurl, an endless ribbon before us (toy story 3 serenades in the background, 3 crusty noses sit, buckled).  Long, sleek, winding, turning, rolling up and down.  At times fields flank us, seemingly never ending, full of emerald. A baby calf lopes after his mama, a windmill rotates lazily in the breeze.  Along other points of the ribbon,  the terrain morphs into towering rock inclines–majestic, yet looming, casting their shadows on the road.

LIFE. Mine a mere 30 somethingish years long, Grandma’s broaching on 97 years, and my kiddos–so young.

Many life points consist of joy, pounding powerfully like Palouse falls, rainbows of blessing weaving and shimmering their way through the water.  Others, intersections and valleys, appear dark, unclear. Ups and downs. Turns. Valleys, straightaways, and mountaintops, each taking their time on the ribbon.

Truth: God is Creator. Sovereign. LOVE. I desire to live fully and worthily in the valleys and the peaks because God’s presence is there. In the shadiest valley, His face shines so brightly that I have to hide mine in a cleft of THE rock (Voskamp); as I emerge out of the valley, I see the footprints of his glory–evidence he WAS there.  Seriously, as I take a quick scan of “Lisa’s life valleys,” His footprint is there!  On the mountaintop the joy is easier, fully naked for all to see.   You know, graduations (go Daniel!), the birth of kids, fun trips, job promotions, retirement (Yay Dad!), a good prognosis, answered prayer, etc.  In both places there should not be fear, but joy (Chan). Joy in knowing He KNOWS. He PLANS.  My Planner. Am I  ready to plunge joyfully, fearlessly into future dark valleys, live fully in the straightaways, and to summit the peaks–to live intentionally on this ribbon of life?  As my belly continuous to process the copious amounts of sushi consumed in the last 3 days, my heart is hopeful and prayerful towards my future ribbon.

Exodous 33:22  “and while my glory passes by I will put you in a cleft of the rock, and I will cover you with my hand until I have passed by.”(ESV)    Psalm 23:4a  “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me;”  Psalm 37:23  “The steps of a man are established by the LORD when he delights in his way;” (ESV)

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Jack’s hearing!

Jack’s recent ear tube surgery came off without a hitch.  The drugs and anesthetics did make him more crazy than normal, but once that wore off, he was unphased.  Two weeks later he passed his hearing test with perfect scores. We can already hear a difference in his speech and are excited for him to have some intense speech sessions this summer.

Allie’s graduating!

From kindergarten that is.  She has been promised her first trip to Oaks Park upon completion of her school work. She is busily and carefully printing her last pages of handwriting, math, and language. We recently made the decision to enroll her in 1st grade for the coming school year (sob).  With that comes the end of her blooming gymnastics skills.  I only wish I could have such a sweet attitude when life hands me disappointment as she did when we told her that it was time to be done with her team. We’re excited to see her jump into her next endeavor–1st grade!

Max can see!

Anthony surprised me while home alone with the kiddos. I came home to Maddox sporting a new, much shorter hair do.  Much needed for sure, but sad too. Additionally, he is a little steam roller–by flipping his chubbiness over and over, he can pretty much get anywhere he feels he needs to be.  Our baby is growing up!

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