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I know, I know, wrong season, right?


However sleep deprived I may be at this point in my life, this one thing I know, it’s Thanksgiving.  Through  God’s Word, music, church, books, blogs, conversations,….(need I go on?) — God has so clearly revealed this season to me.  The wonder of the salvation He so freely gave to me is so often lost in the rush of the every day–in the overwhelmingness of life.  And so, as Easter, (yes, the true “holiday” of the season) has crept closer, God has stirred my heart to a place of Thanksgiving for this precious gift.  In this Thanksgiving comes a deeper joy for the simple things he’s allowed in my life, in addition to his eternal grace, coupled with  the deeper knowledge that I am absolutely nothing without Him.

Thanksgiving.  Salvation.  Daily walk with Christ.  Grace. The wisdom of Proverbs.  Praising Jesus with hands held high.  City lights at night. Impromptu dance parties with kids.  Babysitters. Date night.  Naptime.  Waking Maddox from nap, fists clenched, arms stretched.  Texting. Running. Rich friendships. Sunshine. Marshmellows.  You know, the simple things. Thanksgiving.

On the family front, all is well in our crazy busy lives.  Recently we were able to join Anthony in Seattle (THANK you Pass family for lodging!) while he took a class—fun, of course—the highlight being a coffee tour he and I  joined. What’s better than being hopped up on caffeine, on a date, in Seattle?  Allie will participate in her first “meet” for gymnastics this week—can we say, EXCITED?  Jack’s potty trained (for the most part)—this is JOY.  Maddox is rolling all around and trying to be the big 7 months that he is, while we try to capture and hold every BABY moment.

For some Cleft news, Jack did recently fail his hearing test by a long shot, so he’s headed into surgery this next Wednesday.  His ENT will be putting in new ear tubes which will hopefully improve his hearing and in turn improve his speech. Please keep our little chubby guy in your prayers.:)

As we turn our faces toward the cross this weekend and rejoice in Jesus’ resurrection and the relationship we can have with Him, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  (and lots of candy, sunshine, pretty dresses, and hopefully a hot cup of coffee)

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