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As SNOW blew into our yard this week, the random flurries reminded me of my own life of late.  Flurries of family activity have blown our way since October!  This is what I shall claim as my excuse to the lack of blog posts and missing pics of the Perez kiddos. (not lack of motivation or laziness–NEVER! ha!)

Sadly, my Grandma Elder passed away in October.  So, we ventured on our first road trip with new Maddox in tow.  He did great, and despite the circumstances, it was fun to introduce him to his extended family.  We sure will miss Grandma’s wit, charm, wisdom, and endless talent.  Rather surprisingly, it seems like Maddox has inherited her lovely blue eyes.  We shall see if he keeps them!

Link to Grandma’s life info:

The November winds blew in my fabulous brother Steve, Miwa, and baby Isamu AND  friends, the Linns, to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday–along with my parents, Laura, and Kyle.  Seeing Isamu toddle around with our kids was great–can’t wait to see him again!  With the Linns, we even braved the Black Friday crowds (ahem–KHOL”S–ever been there on Black Friday? CRAZY!) together–with Maddox–he’s quite the adventurous baby!  Steve spoiled Anthony and Matt with a trip to a Ducks game. They were pretty exhausted after shopping AND football.

The Great Wolf Lodge was calling our name in early December. What a FUN place!  We were able to completely surprise our kids and boy did they love it. Allie even braved the big slides…there may have been some bribery involved.  My only regret is that it wasn’t ME sliding down the big ones, but I suppose Jack and Maddox do need some supervision.  Can’t wait to go back!

And then there was Christmas.  We had plans. Upon PLANS.12 days of coffee and Anthony’s entire family coming over for a week of activities and memory making fun. But, alas, we ended up packing up and spending some time at the Coachman Inn on Whidbey Island where Nana and Papa live.  Nana was unexpectedly hospitalized for an entire week.  We were all thrilled to welcome her home on Christmas Eve.  At the end of the day, or week, memories were still made and we were all that much more thankful for our Nana!  The second week of the break, we were able to entertain parts of Anthony’s family in our home.

THEN  January.  No plans. Until Papa was hospitalized for a week!  We got re-aquainted with their small town–I even tried to convince Anthony that I was really enjoying small town living. Despite the craziness of being there again, I must say that I loved learning more about my husband.  We re-explored some childhood haunts of his as he shared many a fun memory.  Additionally we were able to spend more time with his GREAT sisters.  I’m so thrilled my kids were able to bond with Auntie Tina (or Nina as Jack says) and Auntie Siony.  Priceless.  Every day since, Jack says with regret in his voice, “Nina Bye, Bye?”  Papa did have to get a toe amputated, but is doing well now–thankfully!  Here’s to good health for the rest of 2011!

Perez Kidz

Allie–is ALMOST 6–nooooo!  As I’ve home schooled her this year, I’ve had the opportunity to see her joy of learning and see the basic things from new eyes.

Allie: What is MLK day about anyway? Me: Well, Martin Luther King was a black man that wanted…Allie: WHAT? He was totally black? Me: Just really dark brown. Like Oprah. After further explanation, Allie: Soooo, he wanted to be nice to all people just like I am nice to my brothers even though they are a different color than me. Me: ummmm yeah. Additionally she stated that we need to treat people that look like Ellen nice too.

Me:  Let’s review.  How old does one have to be in order to be President?  Allie: 35.  Me:  So could Jack be President?  Allie: no–he’s too young! Me: How about Papa? Allie:  long pause.  Me:  Don’t you think he’s older than 35?  Allie:  Well, yeah, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t know how! (And I cringe that this year , I too will be eligible to be President…age wise anyway!)

Another Social Studies lesson brought us to the idea of dreams and what we would dream for others in the world.  I of course tried to steer the conversation towards things like the Gospel being shared, food and shelter for all, peace…etc.  We ended with Allie stating her dream for all kids:  My dream for all kids is that the whole world would be made of jello so we could just BOUNCE all around.

Ok ok–last one:

Allie: If you give a pig an apple, he’ll give you bacon. Me: Oh really–HOW?

Allie: He toots it out.

Jack Jack: is pretty much hilarious. This is good, considering he is TWO and has the occasional (daily) emotional moment.  He somehow knows how to contort his face at any given moment to make us laugh.  His laugh continues to be contagious and  we can’t help but smile as he attempts to put more than 1 word together now.   He’s become rather obsessed with his batman figurine– Hilarious.  Batman is constantly fighting something or being shot down by a Nerf gun.  Jack’ers is a big fan of his big sister–attempting to mimic pretty much anything she does or says.  He continues to see a speech therapist once a week and we are looking into private speech for the coming months. So far Doernbecher has said that he can continue to develop, so no surgeries are on the horizon. Yay!!

Maddox: Chill. GOOD. Adorable.  Has rough nights. 5 months. 😦  Adores his siblings who return the favor.  Allie is my little mommy–holding him constantly. Jack’s favorite thing to do is lie next to him–sometimes piling batman figurines on top of him.  Maddox just mastered our jump-a-roo–his head bobs to the beat of his CHUBBY feet dancing around.

As the flurries of life have come, I must say some days I have felt overwhelmingly overwhelmed and incapable. But, even now as I step into a calmer period, I can see how blessed we’ve been.

The Linns introduced this song to us at Thanksgiving–so great!

“I have been blessed. God’s so good to me. Precious are His thoughts of you and me. No way I can count them, there’s not enough time, so I’ll just thank Him for being so kind. God has been good, so good.

I have been blessed.


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