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is the name of the game for the Perez’s this summer! Somehow we jumped from ONE planned vacation on Whidbey Island to FOUR more fun weekends away.  The Lord heard the desires of this Mama’s heart for a memorable summer.  Now I was originally

thinking,  wishing,and hoping

for  Disneyland, Maui, or Chicago.  Of course those still sound like dream trips that hopefully will occur one day, but we have managed to make some amazing memories right here the great northwest!  In the last month and a half we have trekked from

Montana to Cannon BeachWhidbey Island, more Montana,

and Black Butte Ranch (just left there at 5 am today to get to work–gotta make the most of the vacation, you know?).  Beautiful scenery has greeted us around every bend, precious friendships have been enjoyed (THANK you Linns and Crazy Coon’s), great conversation has infused our marriage, and priceless memories were created with our kiddos.  Ok. There were SOME whiney moments in those long car rides, but nothing that a few

nuggetsplaylandsRed Box,

or Starbucks (can we say Venti iced coffee) couldn’t solve. That each trip was spur of the moment made them even more fun!  What more could a girl ask for?  Maybe more trips…

Crazy Jackers….

has just gotten crazier.  We all are loving this age—now 21 months. He is learning so much, curious about everything, and super funny.  His speech is not as far along as I had wanted, but he is enjoying his speech therapist and can say new things like “papa,” “go,” “car,” and I’m pretty sure I heard “goggles” the other day. 😉  Hearing  these consonants is awesome; we are working on getting more words with these same sounds and hoping to hear “d” or “t.”

Jack  LOVES to wrestle with his Dada or “Nana” as he refers to him.  The pool continues to be his favorite destination—we’re pretty sure he thinks he can swim and have to keep a hawk’s eye on him when he’s splashing around.  HE would say his greatest feat of the summer so far has been climbing out of his crib. I’m not so sure I agree, but his chubby, dimpled, smiling  face was pretty adorable when he came out of his room…he was so proud!

She’s got wheels!

While in Montana, Allie took off riding her bike, training-wheel free! It’s hilarious to watch because she still has a little 12 inch bike—she has to peddle super fast to get anywhere.  How FUN that she can ride along side us now!  One of my favorite memories of this summer is riding along side her. She was decked out in her hot pink, polka-dot swimsuit with her green skirt poofing out as she peddled.  We just chatted about life as I savored the moment.   Sadly, I may have (not totally owning up to it) bumped her bike with our car; the  back wheel is now rolling a bit awkwardly..and making some funky clicking noises.  I think I’m going to have to cough up some moolah for the “big girl” bike sooner than I thought…she’s pretty sure it needs a basket and a kick stand.

Baby Perez…

Has completely overtaken my torso…so I’m really excited to meet this little guy.  If all goes according to plan, we’ll get to meet him around the 10th of September.  I am so thankful for this

“textbook” pregnancy, vivano smoothies,del carbon chicken tacos,

and the miracle of new life!

These past weeks God has been working so much in different areas of our lives through the avenues of Bible study, audio books/podcasts, marriage conference material, and preaching.  I praise Him  for our

salvation, that He cares about the little stuff, moves hearts, and is our Provider.

Happy Summer Adventures to you all! (see pics below)

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