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TESTOSTERINE!  Yep, our 20 week ultra-sound showed some Perez boy power going on.  More importantly, 144 sweet heartbeats per minute, two, arms, two legs, crazy busy hands, and seemingly perfect health so far.

Sigh. Relief.

Joy. Excitement.

Fear. What exactly can two little boys accomplish together?

We can’t wait to kiss some more baby chubs–come on September!  Well, first, I have some shopping to do!


brought us to beautiful Whidbey Island where Nana and Papa live.  We enjoyed some bowling action on the base…and some pretty sweet fries and queso.  Allie and Jacker’s scavenged for Easter eggs at a local hunt.  Jack was in awe of the Easter Bunny–couldn’t stop waving, yet screamed quite shrilly whenever he approached us.  Allie surprisingly took a pic with the furry guy–she’s growing up!  Easter Sunday we were able to celebrate with Nana and Papa Christ’s resurrection and all He’s done for us.

Spring Fun

Anthony cruised around in Vail for a few days–thanks, Leatherman! Jack’s at the super-explorer age, so things like the Children’s Museum, parks, books, crayons (yikes!!)  and our kitchen cupboards have been keeping him pretty busy.  Allie continues to cartwheel her way toward kindergarten. This next month she’ll get to have 3 hours a week instead of 45 min. in the gym.  Her love of reading has exploded and we are going through library books like mad women–LOVE it!

The Perez’s are enjoying the spring showers Oregon brings, but we are anticipating some summer fun that is just around the corner!

Love to All!