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Full House…

Allie and Jack were the recipients of a sweet valentine card.  We addressed it to them and signed it from their NEW baby brother or sister.  Allie is quite excited about this new addition and convinced it will be a girl.  Jack on the other hand seemed rather oblivious…Come September, he may have stronger feelings about his new sibling.

We are excited and feel extremely blessed…and nauseous…well at least I am.  Sprite is my new BFF.  The other day, as I was snuggling Jack’ers before he slipped into dreamland, my heart was filled with gratitude at the opportunity to snuggle another sweet little Perez for the next few years of babyhood.  Life is good.

Baaa Baaa Baaa…

Jack just had  a nice visit with some of his friends up at Doernbecher.  Our speech therapist has us attempting to get Jack to say the consonants B and P.  We are getting very creative with how many words can actually have those letters emphasized.  For example, naturally we want to say “oh no!” if something drops.  Now we say “Boom! Baa baaa baaa boom!”  Or when reading, horse is “Pony…paa paa paa Pony!”  You get the idea.  We have to stop ourselves when we start doing it to each other. 😉

The good news is that NO fistula has developed!  He can now suck through a straw!  So, assuming we can get his speech on track, we shouldn’t be seeing surgery for a few years.  Yeah!  We also saw some dr.’s from the Casey Eye Institute.  After a lengthy evaluation, they feel that Jack is far sighted. He will get re-checked in 6 months.  So, our prayer is that his eyes will improve before that check.

Jack’s biggest accomplishment of the last few weeks–Walking!  He is now officially getting into everything.  Fortunately he has a big sis that helps us keep tabs on his sneaky-ness.

Allie’s dream….

Little Allie girl has been wanting to turn 5 for a very long time. Her wish is about to come true next week.  It’s very surreal to have our baby girl becoming such a mature little girl.  She assured me I would still get daily hugs and kisses…so I guess we’ll survive her turning such a ripe old age.

Flipping, cartwheeling, bridges, and handstands have become Allie’s passion of late.  She has really taken to her weekly gymnastics class. Seeing her confidence and coordination grow has been fun for us!    She also continues to love her at home activities of reading  and riding her bike or  scooter around Gresham.


Last week we were able to travel to see my family in Spokane. It was so fun to have us all together for a few days. We were finally able to meet our new nephew, Isamu. What a beautiful baby!  It’s amazing to be able to visit with my 90+ year old grandparents.