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For lack of more creative wording, it’s out with the old and in with the NEW palate for Jack’ers.  Actually, there wasn’t an old, but ANYWAY,

There WERE old sounds.

Aghh…grunts….ma-ma…nasal cries…really sounds I can’t describe other than

“Jack sounds.”

We MISS them.

And now we hear NEW sounds:

Sucking—a sound and skill OUR baby can now make!

Na Na—a consonant Allie and I have tried to make him say for MONTHS.

Muffled cries—a normal sound that sounds abnormal for Jack.

And thousands of words to come.


We LOVE them.

Dr. Kuong is totally amazing.  She closed the wide gap that extended from behind his gumline to the very back of his throat.  Instead of two of those ball things in the back of  his throat, he now has one.  She described that as sewing wet tissue paper together.  His nasal septum is no longer visible from inside his mouth.  Food is not appearing from his nose—so far. 🙂  He also had ear tubes put in—we’ve already seen him respond more suddenly to quiet sounds (more specifically, his machine that makes little plastic balls float in the air–totally terrified of it now because the sound frightens him–sorry Auntie Laura!).

The first 24 hours proved to be some of the longest hours of our lives.  Our dear friend, Pastor Greg, helped entertain us during surgery, so that part wasn’t TOO bad.  Jack was also given some great loopy medicine before hand, so he didn’t mind being separated from us.  Afterward, he was very disoriented, sleepy, and upset.  This lasted until the next morning.  Anthony and I gained some arm muscles and marital bonds holding him in those hours.  Now, each day is better.  He still loves to be held, but we are starting to see the Jack spark back in those chocolate eyes.

Our prayer now is that we can help him through the next 5 weeks of recovery. This means no solid food for the poor guy. This means arm restraints for the crazy guy.  Our hopes are that the palate will hold strong and that his speech will develop appropriately.  We’re just dying to have two chatterboxes in our home!

And from our one TRUE chatterbox, here are some of our favorite Allie-isms (or Alexy as she has re-named herself) of late:

For God so loved the world that he gave his only forgotten son…

Give me  that old time permission, give me that old time permission…it’s good enough for me!

I love you Lord….let it be a sweet, sweet sound in my hair.

This is my father’s world..I’ve been totaled in my thoughts….

I pledge allegiance to the flag….and to the replugger, for which it stands…

Thanks to our friends and family for the much needed prayer and support!!