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Jack’s new look…

is simply amazing.  To say that the result is beyond our expectation is an understatement.  We are now about 7 weeks post-op and most people do not even notice he’s had surgery. Two weeks post-op I was at Costco; Jack still had on his “no no’s”–or arm-restraints.  A little girl asked me what happened to his arms…

We took some “last pics” of him a few days prior to his surgery and then of course have some “afters” posted below as well.

We get a brief break from the many dr. appts. while we focus in on his speech and eating solids.  So far we have witnessed a “kix” cereal and about 1/2 a cracker come through his nose. Fun times!  In about 3 months he’ll have his next surgery which will be to reconstruct the interior of his mouth and throat.  Although not as visible, this surgery will actually be a bigger deal than his first one.

Summer Fun

Sunriver was a good way to start our summer—biking and relaxing with friends always makes for good memories.  As Oregon has warmed up, we have been heading to the pool as much as possible.  Allie splashes along with her bright orange tried and true water wings, while Jack bobs alongside rather buoyantly due to his high body fat percentage and water-logged swim trunks.

Allie GIRL

Yes, all girl!  From dancing, swimsuits, dolls, and shoes…she is all girl.  Her new hula hoop is providing hours of summer entertainment as it is being used to not only wiggle in, but as  a hoop to spin on the floor, a teething toy for Jack, and as a ship for Jack and her to sail away in to imaginary worlds.   She has begun trying to figure out what all the letters around her are saying–sounding out words like “pork” when we were in Costco. 🙂

A Decade

Recently we watched our wedding video in honor of our 10 year anniversary.  So young, naive…what were our parent’s thinking, letting us get married?  In all seriousness, we thought we knew what those vows meant, but the past few years have made us live them out.  Looking back we can see how God directed, protected, and grew us into a much deeper relationship with Him and with each other.  Looking forward to the next 10!