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Happy Spring to all!  Life just seems better when the sun decides to show its bright face to us in Oregon!  On sunny days we have been doing all we can to get outside and enjoy it.  We’ve learned to squeeze Jack with his car seat and Allie into our bike trailer. Good thing she’s just a little thing!

Easter, although rainy, was a fun family day. Anthony’s fabulous sister Siony, nieces, and friends joined my family here.  Anthony sang in our church cantata and then whipped up a yummy ham for all of us.  Allie ate so much candy that she went into a sugar coma by 7 that night.

Jack’s first surgery is almost upon us. We appreciate all prayers as we take him to have his lips/nose repaired.  May 5th is the date.  Specifically we are praying for him to be healthy for the surgery and that he’ll be the first one to have surgery that day. If the surgery is later in the day, we could have a very hungry baby on our hands!

Typical Allie is perky and fun, but everyone has a bad day.  On hers, she had a bad attitude. After talking about it, she went into the other room.  A few minutes later, she came back and informed me that she had decided to change her attitude. Surprisingly, it was genuinely changed.  Later that day I asked her what made her change her attitude. She said, “I went and laid on the couch and thought to myself, ‘I am going to change my attitude.’ Then, I got up and did three frog hops.  That made me feel better.”  Wow!  If only we all could just do three frog hops and change our attitude on those days when things aren’t looking very cheerful!

We’ll try to upload pics soon after Jack’s surgery, so check back in to see Jack’s new look!