…are adjusting to being 4.  Getting to –well, anywhere, seems to take longer than we anticipate. But, we are learning and setting our alarm a bit earlier.  Thankfully, we have to set an alarm,

because Jack sleeps SO well!  October has come and gone so quickly.  Jack is now 6 weeks old and growing at an alarming rate–why can’t they stay tiny for just a little longer?

We are frequenting Doernbecher Children’s Hospital as they work with Jack. He is now wearing the NAM–basically a retainer that is pulling his upper gumline into place.  He actually loves it because it gives him something to suck on and enables him to eat faster–his favorite thing to do.

Allie LOVED trick-or-treating as a beautiful butterfly, but didn’t always appreciate other more malicious costume choices.  A big sister is something that she loves to be and has been amazingly unselfish.  As we’ve been indoors and at home more, she has taken to trying new tumbling feats in her gymnastics outfit.