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Howdy. Just a quick update on the whole crew. Jack’s doing really good; eating well, sleeping well and even spending some random moments with eyes wide open. Lisa is doing well too; recovery is right on schedule. Allie is a pro at being a big sister. I think the whole “playing-with-dolls” thing has had a part in that. Check out the new pics below:


Welcome to our world baby Jack! Both he and Lisa are doing well this morning. Thanks to everyone for the calls, text messages, emails, visits and most importantly, the prayers yesterday. The c-section was textbook and Lisa’s recovery is already underway—had a good amount of rest last evening.

On to the good stuff. Time of birth: 10/10/08 @ 10:44a.m. Weight: 8lbs, 1oz. Length: 19.25 in. Jack is eating very well with the special Haberman bottle and has had multiple feeding sessions without any big issues. He’s been out less than 24 hours and I think I have about 100+ pics of this little one, with more on the way today. Here’s a few of them:

One more day to go.


It’s very strange that within the next 24 hours we will be holding our baby Jack. All the disappointments, joys, expectations, prayers and nervous moments of this pregnancy will fade in one brief moment. In reality, all those things will be magnified in his lifetime. But for just for a short time, we’ll pause, breath and enjoy getting to know our baby Jack. Looking forward to it.